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Rigid Box India - Продажа бизнеса

Код: 3047054 Создано: 17-09-2022 06:48

Цена: 150 сомони

Продам, предлагаю: Продажа бизнеса, Таджикистан, Хорог

Choosing THE BEST RIGID BOXES MANUFACTURER in India is a very difficult process. Many buyers have this confusion while they surf for the perfect Rigid Boxes Manufacturer in India. At RBS, with four decades of Rigid Box manufacturing expertise, we are clearly the best Rigid Boxes Manufacturer in India. Beware of cheap imitators who may pretend to offer this quality at low prices. Everyday we face depressed customers who come to us after having been cheated by local traders luring them with offers that no one can match. Be assured of your manufacturing partner. Visit us directly!

Контактные данные
Имя: Rigid
Фамилия: Box
Контактный телефон: 08870688827
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